Discussion Paper Series


The GSSD Academy Discussion Paper Series intends to foster a consolidated level of debate amongst the numerous and varied South-South Cooperation (SSC) actors and perspectives that are shaping today's development landscape. The discussion papers are based on SSC in practice and designed to stimulate debate and critical comment on a range of issues associated with SSC trends and opportunities. The Series is an initiative launched by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation and published under the GSSD Academy. The discussion papers place a premium on the careful research and analysis of actual SSC practices. The papers often represent preliminary or ground breaking work, circulated to encourage dialogue. The discussion papers are not prescriptive documents, but rather think pieces or an exploration of the issue at hand, providing a sound basis for broader discussion and further research.


The purpose of this series is to provide the SSC community early access to research on practical application and innovation in the field. GSSDAcademy Discussion Papers have the following aims:

  • Make it easier for practitioners, academics and advisors to understand in greater depth an existing or emerging SSC issues;
  • Enable policy advisors/specialists to explore concepts, ideas, new avenues and approaches for consideration and discussion amongst the broader SSC practice community;
  • Establish the conceptual and evidential raw material from which further research can draw.

Papers developed should fit into the GSSD Academy's current areas of focus. The current programme includes the following areas with relation to SSC and Knowledge Exchange:

  • Enabling Environments
  • Funding and Coordination Mechanisms
  • Resources and Management Capacity Development
  • Knowledge Exchanges Design and Implementation
  • Sectoral Trends
Partnerships to Produce GSSD Academy Discussion Papers

Discussion papers are written through collaborative partnerships amongst field experts, academics and institutions working in knowledge management and SSC. Papers go through a series of revisions that are designed to incorporate stakeholder input solicited within a targeted open forum process. For proposals and partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Quality Assurance Process

The quality assurance process has been outlined in accordance to academic standards and the UNDP Quality Assurance Procedure for Global and Regional Products and Publications. The Discussion Paper Series will incorporate in the drafting of each paper a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder consultation process.

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