Examples of Successful Public-private Partnerships

VOLUME 15 of series Sharing Innovative Experiences

There is growing awareness in both the developed and developing world that alleviating the ¡¡ãinfrastructure gap¡¡À, i.e., the difference between needed and extant infrastructure and services, is a monumental requirement, well beyond the financial capacity of the public sector. This awareness has led to an increased focus on private-sector participation in infrastructure projects and, in particular, the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Volume 15 was produced by
the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation and the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP).

This volume presents examples of PPP projects, with a particular emphasis on PPPs designed to achieve development goals. The intention is not to provide rigid models since each partnership must be crafted to meet the local conditions and needs. Rather, the aim is to convey the range of possibilities offered by this unique tool, which can be of substantial help in providing services and infrastructure where government financing options may be limited.

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