Create Economy Report 2013
Special Edition


South-South Hydrocarbon Capacity Development Institute

The South-South Hydrocarbon Capacity Development Institute aims to support capacity development in newly emerging oil- and gas-producing countries


Taxation for Development Institute

The Institute aims to identify and disseminate best practices in taxation while integrating developing-country perspectives into international tax norms.

Facilitating Access to Southern Development Solutions

Many Southern countries are producing innovations that are providing important contributions to their development. How to facilitate the sharing and scaling up of these development solutions?

The Global South-South Development Academy is an online action-oriented service platform that facilitates access to Southern development solutions and Southern expertise for learning and application.

The GSSD Academy offers and develops tested tools, methodologies and partnership strategies that enable practitioners and Southern partners to:

  • Identify, document and catalogue Southern development solutions with quality assurance through broad-based peer-review processes;
  • Create and maintain rosters of experts based on the principle of equal opportunity for Southern experts;
  • Establish Southern institutes: thematic sub-academies linked with centres of excellence to facilitate access to Southern knowledge, engagement of Southern networks and integration with the other platforms of the 3-in-1 support architecture.

The GSSD Academy is the first of the pillars of the integrated 3-in-1 multilateral support architecture to promote South-South cooperation

Broadening Access to Southern Talent and Innovation


China Global South-South Development Center featured at the UN Headquarters

The China SSDC is featured in the exhibition at the UN headquarters Secretariat, Visitors Lobby Gallery. Read more...

Academy in action

IBSA Cooperation Showcased at United Nations Exhibition

The exhibition features IBSA initiatives in Burundi, Cambodia, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. Read more..

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